Elizabeth City, NC

I love it how fast the days change here on the water. One hellacious day and the next being the most peaceful of the trip. The air was perfectly crisp this morning when we woke up and made our way to the first lock of the Dismal Swamp. The trip down the 22 mile man-made canal was pretty cool I must admit.

The water was perfectly still and the fall leaves were rolling off the trees all around us. It was definitely one of those type of situations where you read the sign: interstate left scenic route right. Today we took the scenic route and I wasn’t disappointed one bit.

I was tuned into VHF 78 in case Dolby needed to let me know anything while cruising down the canal.  Lucky for me this was the same frequency that the local deer hunters were using to track their dogs. I recorded just a small clip of the 5 hour conversation that I had the opportunity to listen to.  I am rating this right up there with one of the highlights of the trip. I haven’t laughed so hard in a really long time. I’ve never seen Swamp People but from what I was told it was just like that minus the subtitles. The guys finally wrapped up their hunting just as we were cruising into Elizabeth City.

Listen to the VHF deer hunters here.

 Just motoring down the ICW

It’s great to be back in North Carolina.  We are currently tied up to the free docks right downtown. Nice and convenient to everything around. We all wrapped up the night with a typical family style dinner with fish & pork tacos, red beans & rice and some cold brews.


3 thoughts on “Elizabeth City, NC

  1. Your pictures look so familiar. I have made the trip three times down the cut and I have taken pictures of the same places. I missed the deer hunters though. This is a great time for making that run, as it seems to extend the fall weather a bit. I wish I could have been there to join you in Elisabeth city, but we will catch up some where along the line. Tom
    aboard s/v Isle of Avalon


  2. Paul,

    It was good times. Those guys had me rolling around in the cockpit for hours. There was also a little girl named Haley and her Daddy on there talking. FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY


    Get out here Tom. We are currently in Oriental. Headed to Beaufort tomm. sometime. Look forward to getting back up with you! I have cold bohs and food for the grill. Bring it down South.


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