Alligator River, NC to Bear Creek, NC

After a long night of wind and rain, we were ready to pull anchor and get underway.  There wasn’t much sleep to be had last night aboard our boat. As predicted, around midnight the wind finally switched around out of the North and blew 25+ mph all throughout the night. The sound of the anchor popping tight every swing was very welcoming knowing that we were still holding.

Around 3 a.m., M.E. woke me up and said there was a boat that dragged and was right next to us. I dragged myself out of bed not too concerned because the worst of the storm had already come and gone.  I looked out the hatch and there was an Island Packet (type of sailboat) semi-anchored right next to us. During the worst part of the storm they must have drug about a half mile downriver to where we were anchored. I don’t think they even realized they had dragged anchor because there was no movement on the boat anywhere. I was so tired by this point in time I could have cared less about anything but our own boat dragging and went right back to sleep.


Sunrise on the Alligator River

As we made our way down Alligator River this morning, I noticed a big bird flying all around. I looked more closely and sure enough, it was a Bald Eagle. M.E. got her camera out and was able to get a couple of shots before we passed them. Another animal for her to add to the list!



Bald Eagle Sighting
Our first 10 miles were winding down a narrow canal (The Alligator River) before the river widened and we were able to get under sail.  Today was my dream-come-true sailing day.  After the wind picked up we sailed about 25 miles today under a combination of jib and main sail.

We raced Dolby and Brittany for the first half of the day before getting our arses destroyed when rounding the downwind mark. They dropped the ball and pulled out the assymetrical and within a matter of an hour were almost completely out of sight and down the river.  Them destroying me downwind just moved the Assymetrical Spinnaker up to the top of the list as a MANDATORY item for the sailboat.


Great Mysterious pulling out the spinnaker for our race.
We anchored up for the evening in a great cove called Bear Creek just off the ICW. The water was glassed over, sun was setting and Dolby & I were both in the fishing mood.  I’m not going to go into details about our entire fishing escapade but instead will let the pictures below tell the story.  


Going Fishin’ In The Anchorage


The Big Catch Of The Day: Red Drum!


Going to Great Mysterious to show Brittany the catch of the day.
The fish in the above pictures was at least 50″+ and weighed in well over 60 lbs. I have been fishing my entire life but have yet to see a Redfish anywhere near the size of this monster. I “caught” this monster Redfish while hand fishing and Dolby promptly lost it when it shook out of his arms while trying to hold it up for a picture. Needless to say, we didn’t eat any redfish for dinner tonight but I will definitely be talking about it for a long time to come.

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