Oriental, NC to Beaufort, NC

Breakfast at The Bean is essential when going to Oriental.  It has the small town coffee shop vibe and it’s where everyone goes to hangout.  It’s also really convenient because it is only about 15 steps from the free dock to their front door.  Since we didn’t have far to go today, an early start wasn’t necessary so we took our sweet time and got going around mid-morning.  
 Breakfast At The Bean
That’s when things began to suck.  Who forgot to check the tides? Yeah, those really simple to read charts that will ruin your day. We timed them just right and upon entering the channel fought the tides for the first 15 miles.  It was the kind of tide that when your giving your boat all she has and your still only doing 3 knots.  Talk about piss me off.  Then throw in some huge power boats that don’t know what a wake is and you have yourself a full blown party. 


 Shrimp Boats

The day got better once we got to Beaufort though and soon I had forgotten about the first half of the day completely. Dolby and Brittany came over after we anchored and we all hung out for a bit. Dolby and I fished till sunset but didn’t have any luck while the girls sat downstairs and drank wine and talked. 

Dinner was incredible. Dolby had spent the entire day making homemade lasagna and let me tell you, it was some of the best lasagna I’ve ever tasted! I followed dinner up with passing out in the cockpit while Dolby was talking to me. A rough start to the day but a nice ending.

Dolby’s Delicious Lasagna

Sunset In Beaufort


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