M.E.’s View Of The Day: Beaufort, NC

Matt and I spent the morning working on different items on our lists. We answered emails, made calls, came up with everything that we need to do before we head to the Bahamas, etc. By noon, I was ready to head into town to get some fresh air. 
Matt was driving me a little crazy this morning so I was excited when Brittany and Dolby showed up on their dinghy. Brittany and I decided to head to town and leave the boys behind to fish for awhile. If you plan on cruising with someone, you’ll learn quickly that sometimes you just have to take a break from the person you cruise with. Even if that means going back into a room and closing the door for 5 minutes. As much as it’s great to be together 24/7 with the person you love, sometimes it’s good to have some solitude for a little bit as well.
 Leaving The Boys Behind

 Brittany Steering The Girls Into Town
So Brittany and I headed in to town to take a walk and explore. When we got to shore, I decided to take Brittany to see the Maritime Museum. This museum is free for entry (of course, donations are appreciated) and has some cool things to see. Matt and I had really enjoyed looking at everything in the museum in June and I wanted to show Brittany the exhibit from the Queen Anne’s Revenge recovery. We had fun checking everything out and even though I had been there before, I still noticed a few things that I had overlooked.

 Antique Map At The Maritime Museum

 Old Sailing Photo

 Cape Hatteras Map

 A painting on a piece of ivory

As we left the Maritime Museum, we noticed a lot of news reporters walking around town but we couldn’t figure out what was going on. We made our next stop at the boat building workshop across from the Maritime Museum (also free) and that is where we figured out why all the news reporters were running all around Beaufort. Apparently, the governor was in town with some other government officials and they were raising money to complete the recovery of The Queen Anne’s Revenge.

 The Boatbuilding Workshop

 State government visiting the workshop.

We left the boat building workshop and just walked around town for a little while. We saw the double decker tour bus. We walked past the Royal James Cafe, a grill with some of the best burgers in town (the other great burger in town is from No Name Pizza) and checked out a few little shops on Main Street before meeting up with the boys.

 Double Decker

 Locals Hanging Out In Front Of Royal James

Around 3:30 p.m. we all made our way to the Rhum Bar at Front Street Grill. We had a great time the last time we were here and wanted to take Brittany and Dolby for half price appetizers and happy hour. We met up with Tyler, Antonio and Ashley, some of our friends that we had made over the summer, and had a great afternoon drinking Kaliks and Red Stripes, hanging out on the back deck in the afternoon sun and catching up with everyone.

 Matt and Tyler Talk Fishing

 Rowing Crew

 Happy Hour At The Rhum Bar

 Half Price Appetizers Every Monday Through Friday

 Soul Rolls Filled With Collard Greens and Pulled Pork

 Coconut Shrimp

 Oysters Rockafeller

 The Crew Hanging Out On The Deck

 Rhum Bar Deck

 M.E. and Ashley

 Just sailing between the dock and some pilings…

 M.E., Antonio and Ashley

 Matt “just chillin'” as usual.

 Dolby enjoying a Kalik

 Sunset Sailing

Heading Back To The Anchorage
Later that evening, we hit up Backstreet Pub for a few beers and then stopped in at Royal James for a burger. After we had sufficiently eaten our weight in burgers and fries, we headed back to our boats. Right as I was just about to fall asleep for the night, I heard Dolby yelling outside. I woke Matt up and told him that Dolby was yelling for him so Matt went out into the cockpit to see what was going on. 
Dolby had lost hold of his dinghy line and his dinghy was quickly floating down Taylor Creek with the current. Matt jumped in Lil’ Trout and a few minutes later brought Why Knot (Dolby’s dinghy) safely back to his owner. Nothing like a little adventure to end the night!

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