Beaufort, NC

After last night, we were moving kind of slow this morning. We spent most of the morning chillin’ and cleaning up around the boat. Around 3 p.m. we pulled anchor and headed to the city dock to fill up on water and rinse the boat off before we headed offshore.

As M.E. was pulling anchor with the windlass, she suddenly stopped and fell over and started crying. I ran up to the bow to find out what had happened. She had gotten her fingers caught between the windlass and chain and had smashed them pretty good. Once we got to the dock, we got her some ice to put on her fingers and she started feeling better after a couple hours. At least she didn’t break her hand, I’m always telling her to be careful because getting your hand caught between the chain and the windlass can cut your entire hand off.

We got to the dock and I began cleaning the boat, filling the water tanks and taking out the trash. While M.E. was sitting downstairs recuperating, Ed had called to say he was heading our way. A little while later, I spotted his boat in the distance and about 20 minutes after that, he was on the dock hanging out and telling stories of his sail South so far.

 Matt and Ed hanging out.

We hung out with Ed for a while before M.E. headed off to do laundry and I continued working on getting the boat ready for going offshore. While the laundry was drying, we went and took showers and by the time we were done the laundry was clean and ready to go. We were all set to get underway and head to Wrightsville Beach offshore.

 Wild Horse

 Shrimp Boat Going In To Shore

Let the fun begin!  The outside buoys were reading 5-6 feet at 9 seconds.  Sounds like fun yet?  We banged our way out the inlet with the current going out and the wind coming in.  Anyone that has been in an inlet under these conditions knows just how exciting this can be. We motored South and altered course towards Wrightsville Beach.  Making headway now we were on 16 hours directly into the waves and wind!
Finally Dolby made the call since we were only making out about 2 knots of headway to turn back around and head into Moorehead City for the night.  If I’m out already I am stubborn to turn around but when he made the call over the VHF it put a big smile on my face.  We anchored up around 8:30 cooked up a great dinner and passed out there soon after in a glassed over anchorage.  Perfect!

Waves coming over the bow…

Offshore Sunset

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