Moorehead City, NC to Camp Lejeune, NC

Where did our luck go? We haven’t run aground this whole trip and today we ran aground twice.  Well the first time was a pretty solid grounding that I was able to motor off of as we left Moorehead City.

The second time around I was under sail the entire day down the ICW and just flat out wasn’t paying attention to my charts.  In other words I was napping on the job. Since leaving Florida and working the entire East Coast and Chesapeake we never ran aground.  I was just starting to believe that I actually knew how to sail.  Reality is I don’t know anything.

 Dolphins Playing Around The Boat

Overall though the day was incredible.  Everyone else headed South was motoring the entire day.  We on the other hand only had to motor a few times when fighting a hard current.  Either way I am not complaining one bit after getting beat up pretty good offshore last night. We were the last ones to pull in at the Camp Lejune basin and upon our arrival were greeted with Brittany having caught a nice flounder.  I tried my hand at fishing throughout the evening with no luck but a couple of rays. The plus side though? Not getting pounded all day offshore and being able to sleep and enjoy a great meal in a calm anchorage. The days don’t get much better than this.

 Checking The Sails

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