Wrightsville Beach, NC

Another long day on the ICW.  I’ve been stoked about getting to Wrightsville Beach for a couple different reasons.  Numero Uno is hoping for some good surf. It has been killing me all summer that I can’t paddle out everyday. Dos being Lagerheads Bar with their $2.50 microbrews and imports. The ICW was a real push today. There are a few bridges that if you don’t time just perfectly, it will set you back a few hours because of their opening schedule. Lucky for us we hit those bridges right on time. Days like today are like going to the office. You go get it done and go home. Nothing exciting just make it from A to B. Similar to a truck driver! My new-found career is going to be driving trucks.  
Dolby was kind enough to bring over tempura flounder for a appetizer while we got our ribs prepped.  It was an official rib cook off day and I was out there to win it. I had been talking about my ribs for a couple of days now and had turned it into a challenge. We each had two racks of ribs to cook however we pleased.  Brittany has spent the last day trying to guess what the secret to my ribs was going to be but never came close.  It’s not in the sauce or seasoning. It all comes down to sweating the meat after your done grilling. A simple procedure my Uncle Mike taught me years ago. Chop your ribs, throw them in a bowl, cover with sauce/seasoning, cover with a tight lid or tin foil and let sit for about 30 minutes. Delicious! Overall both ribs were great but since someone always has to come in first it was me. I WON!
  Fried Flounder Bites

 Perfect way to end a day…

 Sunset In Wrightsville Beach

 Secret ingredients to make the ribs extra sweet and savory!

 Using Backwoods Hickory Rub from 

 Ready To Barbecue

Unveiling Of The Ribs

2 thoughts on “Wrightsville Beach, NC

  1. Have you tried making ribs in a pressure cooker yet? It is pretty amazing. There's a great reference cookbook called 'Cooking Under Pressure' that perfect if you are new to pressure cookers. I highly recommend every cruising boat have one. While you're at it you should get a copy of the 'Cruising Chef Cookbook' too(if you don't have it already). Both are invaluable on a boat.



  2. Thanks for the heads up on those two books. I have dabbled a little bit in each of those books before. I am into slow cooking and the actual playing with a pan as well part, so pressure cookers don't do it for me. I've tried and know every other sailor out there has one, but I'm no true sailor. Much appreciated though!



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