Wrightsville Beach, NC

Today was one of those quick errand running days. Right? In my wildest dreams it would have been just that. I was planning on trying to catch a few of those knee high waves today but instead I spent my time walking down sidewalks, catching city buses and cabs and attempting to checkout at Walmart for over 30 minutes. Is my time worth anything? Obviously not.
I will make the first half of the day short and sweet. We walked a couple of miles up to a West Marine, caught a bus from there to Walmart, a cab back to the dinghy dock and a dinghy ride full of junk back to our boats. It took me less than 30 seconds to type out our 6 hour journey. Put the icing on the cake with no one having eaten all day and you can only imagine the crankiness being spread around joyfully. M.E. began tackling the pile of stuff we boat at Walmart while I began the process of trying to get our dinghy engine running again. 

I bought all kinds of fuel additives and other wasteful junk while I was out today. There were promises and promises written all over all these cans. I dumped them in the fuel, sprayed them in the carb and fired up the engine. They all said to rev the engine really high to blow out all the junk that was built up in the carb. About 45 minutes later and $40 dollars wasted on all these promises nothing worked and the engine still bogged out when idling. A few curse words at the engine and myself for buying all these promises and a cold beer later, I soon found myself taking the carb off the engine. I took it off the engine, apart, back together and put it back on the engine 4 times before I got her to finally run like she did the day I bought her. I had the biggest grin ever on my face after completing this task.

 Working On The Engine

 Taking The Carborator Apart

 Happy To Be Running The Engine Again!

A quick walk over to the beach to watch the waves roll in and enjoy the sunset then back to the boat for pizza night. We all had some great homemade pizzas courtesy of M.E. and Brittany. After a long day like today, pizza makes the soul smile. Late night the party got fired up over at Lagerheads for their $2.50 microbrews all night.  I was smart and called it an early evening, but Dolby and Britt’s night is a whole other story.  Check out their stories over at Great Mysterious.

Chilling On The Beach

 Dolby and Brittany
 Sunset In The Anchorage
 Pizza Night
 The girls making pizza.

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