Wrightsville Beach, NC

Chillin’ and that’s all there is to it.  We had an incredible breakfast this morning around eleven because some people (friends of ours) took it upon themselves to pull an all nighter last night.  M.E. and I on the other hand returned from the bar at around 10:30 last night and got a great night’s sleep.  I had nothing on my list of things to do today other than relax. We loaded up the beach bags, boards and packed into the dinghy for a day at the beach. There is a really great beach South of Masonboro Inlet that you can only access by boat.  Nice spot with no one around.


I caught a few dozen waves (knee to thigh high), re-hydrated my body and spent the rest of my day laying on the beach reading. The surf wasn’t great at all but the water right now feels absolutely wonderful. There is something about the ocean that makes the body feel great. Late afternoon we all piled back into the dinghy and headed for the boats a couple of miles away. I dropped the wild ones off at their boat to begin dinner and M.E. and I headed back to KoKoi to get some chores done.

 Arriving At Masonboro
 Love This Beach

 Treasures From The Sea
 Relaxing In The Sun
 Matt Catching A Wave

 M.E. Takes A Break On The Beach

Paddlin’ Out

 M.E. Happy To Be In The Sun

 Pulling In His Net

There is a really nice hurricane currently brewing down south named Sandy. I worked on the boat cleaning up outside, filling the diesel tanks and getting ready to move on to a more protected location. M.E. got some of our downstairs chores done and no sooner did we finish when dinner arrived over at our boat.  Brittany made some incredible stuffed bell peppers and directly after dinner everyone headed off to bed worn out from a day in the sun.

Stuffed Peppers…Delicious!

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