Carolina Beach, NC

 Tons of Beach Houses Like This In Carolina Beach

We got an early start this morning to head down to Carolina Beach.  I had some concerns that all the mooring balls would already be snatched up for this storm.  Lucky for us, upon arrival we had the whole mooring field to ourselves.  This concerned me even a little more…WHY?  They were new and seemed to be super strong and built really well so I took one and decided to call it home for a few days.  I can’t believe I did this considering this is the first time since leaving in June that I have paid for a place to stay.  I was hoping to make it at least a year without ever going to a marina/mooring, but I guess my luck has just run out. I began the long list of things to do outside while M.E. took on the interior and made room for our deck full of “stuff” to make it down below.

After lunch we all took a dinghy ride into town to stretch our legs.  Really cool old small beach town. Since it wasn’t a weekend pretty much everything in the city was shut down.  The waves were all blown out so surfing today was a no go.  M.E. and I hit the library up to print some things, a quick stop at the grocery for some BBQ bread and then back to the dinghy with full water jugs.  As I was working on deck this afternoon Tig, Serena and the kids stopped by. Had a great to catch up with them again and had them over for sweet potato, black bean and chicken burritos.  The kids made some insanely good brownies with M.E. and we all called it an early night.

 Colors of Carolina Beach

 Clean Kitchen

 M.E.’s Orchid

 Little Chefs

Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Chicken Burritos

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