Carolina Beach, NC

Ring Around The Sun: Sign That A Storm Is Coming
The weather is beginning to roll in around here and I’ve begun to strip down KoKoi.  All of her outer garments (canvas) have been stripped and she is looking mighty fine.  The sails are all tied down multiple times, and any loose items on deck have made their way down below.  You never realize how much stuff you have on deck until you begin to pile it all down below. Surfboards, canvas, cushions, fenders, lines, fishing poles, chairs, full enclosure, dinghy stuff and the list goes on. I feel we are at the point now that this is all we can do.  I’ve got 4 lines tied to the mooring ball and two on the dinghy out back. Let the hurricane partying begin!
M.E. taking down the full enclosure.

Windshield Off

 Everything On Deck Put Downstairs

Ed getting ready for the storm.

After wrapping up all the boat work we went into town to get some groceries, beer and take quick showers. It looks like this was the last time off the boat for a good while.  Everyone came over this evening for taco dinner, open bar and cards night. We all consumed our fair share of alcohol, especially during the course of playing a-hole (card game) for hours. Some people might have over indulged in the drinking games and everyone dissipated fairly fast once the trash talking began. Put a bunch of sailors in a cramped boat with a lot of alcohol and a hurricane on the way and what more do you expect? Overall tonight went well, everyone went home and Sandy is coming over!

Dolby talking to some locals.

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