Carolina Beach, NC

Well, we made it through Sandy without any problems. As much as I normally wouldn’t trust a mooring ball to keep us safe during such high winds, we had researched the Carolina Beach mooring balls and found that they had just been installed with 1,200 pounds of concrete and were sunken more than 8 feet under the mud. No one had any problems and they proved to be well worth the $20 a night that we spent on them. The only negative thing that I have to say about them is that you don’t get any amenities with them. That means you have to pay to use the showers or laundry facilities. Everywhere else that we’ve been on the East Coast has provided these services at no extra charge. 
DSC_6109 Still blowing outside…
DSC_6111 Dolby hanging out on Great Mysterious
The wind kept blowing but the rain had stopped and everyone was ready to stretch their legs and go to town. We picked up Ed and headed to town, while Dolby and Brittany decided to come to town later. Once we got to town, we headed towards the beach to check out the surf. The waves were big but completely blown out…bummer. We walked around town for awhile and just enjoyed being off the boat. 


Waves on the beach.


Exploring After The Storm


We made it through the storm!


Hurricane Survival Techniques


 Around noon, M.E., Ed and I started to get hungry. I urbanspooned restaurants in Carolina Beach and the Surf House Cafe came up with a 94% rating out of 205 votes, I was ready to try it! We made our way to the cafe and ended up eating a great lunch of fish tacos and a steak wrap in a relaxed, surf-inspired cafe. The big, open cafe had tons of cool artwork, surfboards hanging on the walls and a surf shop on one side. It was an awesome little place with some great food. 


Surf House Cafe



Fish Tacos


Surf House Art


Steak Wrap
DSC_6183 Hanging out at Surf House


DSC_6160 Surf House Store



Surf House Art




After lunch, we walked over to the Lazy Pirate Sports Bar to meet up with Dolby and Brittany. The Lazy Pirate was offering a special of .50 cent wings, $3 Red Stripes and Sweetwater 420 and $4 Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas. Sweetwater 420 is one of my favorite beers, so we ended up hanging out there for a while. I called Dennis, a fellow sailor and our friend that we had met in Wrightsville Beach, and invited him to come have a beer with us. After Dennis showed up, I went outside to make a phone call and I noticed a guy on a motorcycle that looked really familiar. It was our friend Joe, that we had met in Eleuthera. Sweet! The world is really such a small place.


Dennis, Matt and Joe


Joe on his bike.
We ended up inviting Joe and Dennis back to the boat for some beers. Dennis had to work but he stayed for awhile and Joe hung out and had dinner with all of us. Dinner was insane! Dolby made fried rice with teriyaki pork and everyone loved it. Needless to say, we didn’t have any leftovers.
DSC_6196 Hanging out with Joe


Ed listening to Joe play guitar.
DSC_6220 The guys joking around.
After dinner, we decided to go to the Fat Pelican, the bar that Dennis works at. This place is awesome. They literally have a walk in cargo container that is lined with every beer you can imagine. This is a “must-go-to” spot if you’re ever in Carolina Beach. We had a blast hanging out with Dennis and drinking great beers for the rest of the night.


M.E. having fun at the Fat Pelican


Hanging out with Dennis

2 thoughts on “Carolina Beach, NC

  1. I sure hope it is warmer up there than down here I am freezing!! Wind blowing 25-35 frome the west. We stopped for a short day. We are covered in Salt!!! Take care and be safe!! See you soon!
    Love Cheryl and Dan
    S/V Curieuse


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