Carolina Beach, NC

We went into town early this morning to check the surf, which was breaking right on shore. Add an outside temp. of 40 degrees and I had no desire to paddle out. It’s so cold here currently that the decision was made to move further South and get off the moorings.

We spent the majority of the day walking to the grocery and some other local stores to stock up for the next week. While grocery shopping today a guy named Paul came up and began chatting about food and recipes. Definitely our kind of guy.  We could talk about food and good beers for days on end with anyone.  Amazingly enough, as we parted ways he tossed $40 into our cart and said great chatting with you guys. AWESOME! We’re always amazed by the generosity of others. It’s these kind of moments that confirm that there are still generous and genuinely nice people out there in the world. Thanks again Paul, you made our day!

We finally made our way back to the boats, unloaded all of our stuff and I began the list of chores to get the boat moving again. Just before sunset we left the mooring and headed to the anchorage for the evening.  An easy 1/4 mile away but not without running aground a few times. I guess running aground is just becoming a daily occurrence for me now. I was beginning to think I was becoming a better sailor every day while we were heading North and now I am just becoming worse and worse.  Let’s just all agree to call it laziness. Ed, Dolby and Britt came over and Britt made us all an incredible dinner of jalapeno popper chicken and potatoes.  Polish that off with some good friends, beers and goodbye Sandy.  I’m starting to be optimistic again about the warm weather and islands.  Headed South tomorrow!

 Jalapeno Popper Chicken…Yum!

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