Carolina Beach, NC to Calabash River, NC

Cold!  Yeah that pretty much sums up sunrise to sunset today. We motored down the great ICW all day long.  Even with the full enclosure down it was still cold.  Ed ended up staying back in Southport to relax and take his time.  Dolby and I made the decision to push South to warmer latitudes as fast as is possible. 

 Matt’s Winter Apparel
We slammed down a good 45 miles today to the Calabash River. After dropping anchor right at sunset we all got together on KoKoi for steak fajitas and a little warmth from the oven and stove. It’s about 37 degrees here currently both inside and outside. Boring, cold day is the best way to describe it. Better than snow though!

 Washed Out Inlet

 Trailer Park By The Sea

 Calabash River

 Sunset In The Anchorage

2 thoughts on “Carolina Beach, NC to Calabash River, NC

  1. Not much warmer here in St. Mary's GA. The wind has been howling for 3 days 25-35 kts. Not many places to hind in the grass!! Hope to see you soon!! Cheryl and Dan
    S/V Curieuse


  2. St. Marys, Ga? Headed to Charleston today then offshore from there tomorrow morning. Not sure if we are going to stop in anywhere or just head straight to St. Augustine yet. We will keep you posted though if we end up in that area.


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