Calabash River, NC to Georgetown, SC

Pretty chill day again.  Not much really going on.  Not sure if I’ve said it before but M.E. and I aren’t really breakfast people. We like to eat the occasional traditional breakfast, you know, bacon and homefries, etc. but most of the time we eat weird stuff like pretzels or leftovers if we’re hungry. So it was brie, apples, crackers and hot chocolate for breakfast this morning. 
 Tea for Breakfast

 Brie, Apples and Crackers for Breakfast

Home Along The ICW

Lots of motoring in the cold, roughly 59 miles today.  For lunch, it was Sunbeam BBQ bread with sprouts, avocado and honey roasted turkey. Dolby and Brittany got us hooked on this Sunbeam BBQ bread while we were in North Carolina. Apparently, it is only sold in North Carolina but it is some of the best store-bought bread you will ever put in your mouth.
 Captain Matt
 This is the best stuff EVER…Sunbeam Barbecue Bread

Fall Colors 
We stopped at the Georgetown Landing to fuel up. This place has the cheapest fuel in the Southeast and both times we’ve stopped here, the staff has been awesome. I would highly recommend this place to any one needing fuel in the area. After the Georgetown Landing, we were off to the anchorage for an evening of homemade meatballs and spaghetti.  A sunrise and a sunset with lots of eating and motoring in between.  Yup, pretty much sums up life out here on the water right now.
 Fueling Up At Georgetown Landing

 Making Meatballs with the Tuscany Blend from
The Spice and Tea Exchange of St. Augustine

Tomato Sauce For Pasta

2 thoughts on “Calabash River, NC to Georgetown, SC

  1. hey Matt…pat here. Im assuming you guys are in SC still. If thats the case (and I assume you know this) the ICW current south of you gets very nasty though georgia. we normally made 60 mile days on the icw but in ga a couple of times we struggled for 40.
    if you do go through savannah there is a very good dock and marina. it is adjacent to the old section of town on the savannah river south side close to the ICW (w/in 3/4 of a mile of the ICW).
    the restaurant was good and the bar had a good happy hour. met some interesting savannah folks there. if you dock there call me. ill have margot (old g/f) deliver ice cream (she manages the 75 year old famous ice cream store which is very close to that marina (walking distance i think)


  2. Matt just talked to steve…correction its not on the savanna river but a body of water that goes east from the ICW immediately adjacent to the old town (this body of water defines the north side of the old town and you can see the steps down the embankments to the docks/promenade etc on your starboard side as you turn off the ICW and head east to the marina)


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