M.E.’s View Of The Day: Georgetown, SC to Charleston, SC

Today consisted of more motoring in the cold. It warmed up a bit which was nice and we did get the sails up for a little while this morning but unfortunately this part of the ICW just really isn’t too conducive to very much sailing. A cool aspect of the ICW that I’ve enjoyed is the wildlife that we see everyday. I’ve been keeping track of the animals that we’ve seen ever since we left St. Augustine and along the ICW, we’ve seen tons of dolphin, an alligator, hundreds of osprey (who seem to enjoy building nests on the channel markers), a couple bald eagles, one or two deer, a sea turtle and countless other animals. As much as we sometimes complain about being “in the middle of nowhere” it  is encouraging to see that are still parts of America that remain untouched and wild.

A perfect example of this is what I like to call, “Our afternoon with Flipper and his family”. We were motoring down the ICW and noticed a pod of dolphin jumping out of the water, chasing fish and playing together. It was so exciting to see these playful little guys just having fun in the afternoon sun. I think people like dolphins so much because they possess such a carefree spirit. They just enjoy life and have fun, which is something we could all learn to do more often.


Hey Flipper! 
playing Tossing the little guy out of the water.
flip Throw Your Tail Up
We anchored out right at sunset with another long day under our belts. Matt and Dolby have decided that the weather is ideal for heading offshore and we’re ready to escape this cold and head to the land of the sun worshippers. Florida here we come!
Dusk Near Charleston
Fisheye View: Sunset In At Anchor

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