Charleston, SC to Hilton Head, SC

Most people spend their Friday nights at the bar. We spent our Friday night bashing into 8 to 10 foot waves. Where should I begin? Well, I’ll start with the weather. As any of you sailors out there know, weather is a huge part of making plans. I literally check the weather several times a day to see what is in store for us along our trip. I had checked every weather buoy, forecast, etc. and everything was calling for a 1 to 2 foot seas and wind coming out of the West. Perfect! I made the decision to head offshore and Dolby and Brittany decided to head out too.

Leaving the inlet before things got bad.

Easy Seas At Sunrise

Easy Sailing In The Morning

A little bird stopped by to say hi.

Other boats offshore.
The day started off perfectly. We were getting some great sailing in and we were on a direct reach to St. Augustine. We would be there in no time at the rate we were going. But things have a tendency to change and by noon the wind had geared up to up to 30 knots causing the waves to build up too. By 1 p.m., I was seeing the wind gust to 40 knots on the wind indicator and the boat was bashing into 8 to 10 foot waves. Not good. 
For all the times I’ve been sailing, this is the third, worst I’ve ever been in. The entire cockpit was soaking wet from waves having come over the bow and rolling all the way into the cockpit. You know things aren’t good when you have waves coming into a center cockpit that is 6ft higher than the water. From 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. we were on a rollercoaster of waves with some cresting right on top of us. M.E. was a trooper through the whole thing and sat in the cockpit with me. She didn’t seem to mind the waves at all and actually spent the entire time telling me about people falling overboard and shipwrecks while eating pretzels.
We made it into the Port Royal Sound inlet, maneuvered our way through Skull Island and dropped anchor around 3 a.m. The craziest part about it, is that we could have just motored down the ICW to the same spot and been anchored and enjoying dinner by sunset. One thing I forgot to mention, we saw a meteor fall out of the sky. It was insane. M.E. though it was a flare but I told her that flares aren’t green and they fall slowly towards rather than catapulting towards the water.

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