Hilton Head, SC

After such a crazy day yesterday, we woke up to a perfect Fall day. Dolby and Brittany had made it safely to Skull Island around 6 a.m. having been offshore for the majority of the night. M.E. and I cleaned up the boat for a couple hours, it looked as if a train had run right through it after bashing in the waves for hours on end. Around 10 a.m.,  we pulled anchor and made the short trip over to Hilton Head Island to anchor up. Dolby and Brittany joined us and soon we were dinghying in to Palmetto Bay Marina to take free showers and get some food and drinks. Palmetto Bay Marina is incredible. Byron, the dockmaster, happily welcomed us to Hilton Head and made us feel right at home. He gave me a tour of all their amenities including the laundry, free showers and 3 restaurants on property. After everyone took showers and started feeling better, we headed over to one of the bars and enjoyed drinks and 1/2 price appetizers while watching a little football.


houseboat1  M.E.’s Dream Houseboat at Palmetto Bay Marina
DSC_0941 Drinking Bloody Mary’s and enjoying life on land.
With a little bit of food in our stomachs, we decided to stretch our legs and take a walk. A great thing about Hilton Head is they have tons of bike and walking trails. We stopped at the local skate park and watched all the kids try to learn how to do new tricks. There was one little kid, who had his scooter. He had no fear of dropping in down the steep ramps. It was crazy!
Little boy dropping in on his scooter.
DSC_0947 Matt checking out the skate park.
We left the skate park, went and got pizza for dinner and then walked to Publix to buy groceries. By the time we got done buying groceries, we were tired and it was dark outside so we called a cab and made it back to our boats by 9 p.m. to crash for the night. 

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