Cattle Pen Creek, GA to Fernandina Beach, FL

I got up naturally once again right at sunrise. I’m starting to really get back in the motions of getting underway again. It feels great to be putting miles on the boat and moving offshore. We headed out of Sapelo Inlet and back offshore to be met with a nice stiff breeze out of the North. Following seas are the seas for me! Well that is until they become 10+ feet. We had 3-4 foot rollers that we surfed down all day long at about 7 knots. I took my turn downstairs making lists and taking inventory while M.E steered. The list for the overhaul of the boat while in St Augustine is growing rapidly.  Seven pages so far and I feel as if we haven’t even broken the surface. I am beginning to see lots of dollar signs and they aren’t the kind I like viewing on paper, negatives.  I’m pretty sure though, that once those things are done we will have a great season headed South with all of our friends.


Looking for a good adventure/sailing book? 8 Men and a Duck is a great choice!
Sailing downwind on days like today are few and far between. The autopilot is set and you can just enjoy the ride. Well that is until you have to shoot an inlet with beam to seas that have built to about 6+ feet. We rolled and surfed and rolled some more for about thirty minutes before entering the breakwater. A little nerve racking but kind of like that old wooden roller coaster, not too sure just when all that wood is going to splinter and send the entire ride to the ground. Arriving back in Florida was somewhat of a weird feeling. I’m pretty sure M.E. summed it up well by saying “It’s great to be back in a messed up state”. As much as both of us wanted to go into town to enjoy our first, cold, Florida beers we decided on hot dogs for dinner and some sleep for the evening. A nice Northeasterly is beginning to blow in and the temperature has already begun to drop dramatically.


Sailboats on the horizon.


Coming In To The Inlet


The Fort


Gotta Love Progress…


Shrimp Boat





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