Fernandina Beach, FL to St. Augustine, FL

It’s early in the morning and raining. Perfect way to start the last day of our journey back to St. Augustine. Around mid morning the sun finally broke through the clouds and the tide was in our favor. We got so lucky that we rode the tides perfectly from Fernandina all the way into our marina here in St. Augustine. A nice long laid back day of cruising down the ICW.

 Enormous Mega-Yacht Along The ICW

 Cool Buildings Along The Ditch

When we arrived downtown at the Bridge of Lions for its last opening before rush hour it felt so good to be back here in Florida. The sun was out and a light breeze was passing over the decks. I don’t think either of us have had a smile this big on our faces for quite some time. We were both looking forward to seeing friends and family. More than anything I am really looking forward to ripping the entire boat apart for the next week. Taking everything out, throwing out tons of stuff and rebuilding some systems on the boat.

 All Smiles!

 Plane Overhead

Flounder Came To Greet Us!

 Pelican Welcome

 Local Fishermen

 Downtown St. Augustine

Great Friends Welcoming Us!

Upon arriving at Hidden Harbor we were greeted by everyone we had just left five and a half months ago. So great to be back with our extended family that I have lived around for the last 8 years here. I wanted to get started gutting the boat immediately but the beers began to flow freely and we passed the rest of the evening partying with everyone. Great to be back home for a couple weeks. Early day tomorrow to get working on this boat. Stoked!


2 thoughts on “Fernandina Beach, FL to St. Augustine, FL

  1. I know this trip is over however, I just started reading your blog and love it. I have posted on my Facebook and my work Facebook – Friends of the NC Maritime Museum Beafort. I hope you don't mind.


  2. Gina,

    This trip is no where near over yet. Your getting in right at the beginning. You will have something to read every morning for years to come. I have been working around the clock on the boat recently getting her ready to head South through the Caribbean. I'm currently updating the entire blog and should have them all updated by today!


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