St. Augustine, FL

Day one of destruction. I have been waiting for this day for quite some time now.  I began the long process of taking everything off the boat. I cleared the deck off completely, dropped the dinghy off the arch and began emptying out the v-berth. The water line has already risen about 3 inches.  It’s really amazing just how much stuff you think you need when you leave to go cruising. In reality a couple pair of board shorts, ipod, some t-shirts and a laptop is what I am trying to downsize to right now. Ok, maybe a few more necessities like my surfboards, kiteboard, dive gear, fishing gear and paddleboard. 

M.E. arranged to work for her family for a couple of days, helping them move stuff out of her grandmother’s house, so she has been running back and forth between her grandmother’s house and the boat. She does most of the cleaning and organizing on the boat and I do most of the repairing, constructing and throwing out.

The projects list is growing rapidly. I am going to build some shelves in the last hanging closet on the boat and clear out the bookshelves up front for M.E.’s art supplies.  Everyone that walks by is asking if I’m moving off the boat, but truth be told, just all the stuff we have on the boat is moving out. It was a pretty productive day overall. Tomorrow more boat destruction and then hopefully onto fixing some of the issues and working my way throughout the entire boat.


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