St. Augustine, FL

I got an early start once again on the boat projects. M.E. left to go help her aunt move more things out of the house while I got slamming on the boat. I had a car for the day so I took advantage of hitting up plenty of more stores for parts. I spent a good chunk of the morning digging through the bins as Sailors Exchange as well.  Sailors is a pretty eclectic place and a must stop when passing through St. Augustine.

The lockers inside the boat were finally drying out and I was able to fix the few small leaks that I had found.  I have really lucked out the past few days with the weather being so perfect. All my gear on the dock was finally drying out and I began the long tedious process of stowing everything back down below.

The v-berth is finally getting all put back together today. I made some really nice shelves around mid-day for the last hanging closet on the boat. I mean really, a hanging closet? What the hell kind of purpose does this serve a cruiser?  So now, I finally have two really nice closets that I can store all my spare parts and tools in, that are very easily accessible.  I’m no carpenter by any means but I am super happy with my three little plywood shelves I installed. I wrapped up kind of early and threw away a few more garbage bags full of stuff from the boat. It really feels good to be cleaning things out and making room for food and some of my new toys.

Dolby and Brit arrived mid-morning to the marina so he could get a couple of days worth of work done on the boat before heading further South.  It’s a lot easier to get projects done at the dock then on anchor that’s for sure.  We decided to throw a big party this afternoon for everyone at the marina. We went up to the store and bought tons of burgers, wings, sausage & peppers and hot dogs. The beers began to flow a little earlier that normal this evening and the festivities really got fired up around six.

 Nick and Cindy
 Everyone hanging out and enjoying some great food!

 And drinks..
 Great Friends: Scott, Michell and Jib! Check out their blog!
 Too Much Trouble…

We had a great turn out and almost the entire marina showed up. My good friend, Paul, showed up for the festivities. It’s great to see him back around again and we are really looking forward to some great surf and diving throughout the Caribbean this year. The “brothers”, Adrian and Joe, brought back old memories with the beer bong which always tends to be a good time by the end of the evening. I have to say the latter part of the evening really ended up becoming ridiculous. Lucky for me I was pretty worn out from a few days worth of work and ended up calling the night around midnight. I’m beginning to get old, calling nights earlier and earlier nowadays.


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