St. Augustine, FL

Day two of destruction. M.E. helped her family with some moving while I spent the first half of the day gutting the rest of the boat.  Lucky me…I found two lockers filled with water from a few minor leaks that we have accrued with a couple of sea miles. One of them being a locker that held all of my power tools! The other being up front where my windlass wires enter the anchor locker. Spray from waves coming over the bow blew water up the hose and filled the locker with my inflatable kayak and some spare sheets, pillows and a comforter, all of which were kept in vacuum tight bags. I guess I really lucked out there.

 Treasures From M.E.’s Grandmother’s House

I ran around throughout the afternoon buying parts to fix things and do some shopping for my odds and ends that I have been looking for recently. Around sunset I dropped the dinghy in the water and pulled it up on the dock. The dinghy has a few chafe spots that I want to put added protection on, so I began the process of cleaning it out and re-arranging all the stuff we carry around in it. Now that I finally had everything out of the boat and off the decks M.E. came home early this evening to help me begin cleaning out the lockers. We are beginning to finally get a few things checked off the list.  I cooked up some sloppy joe’s for dinner as we worked through the night. Around midnight we were both happy with our progress and called it quits for the night.

 Guys On The Dock

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