St. Augustine, FL

We have a car so lets go blow all our money! That is exactly what we did all day today. Even though I had a list a mile long of things to get done around the boat, I also had another list of toys to purchase.

We invited Dolby and Brit to come along with us and they jumped at the opportunity to get off the boat and get some things checked off their list. We started off in St. Aug. and hit up the discount grocery and dollar store, then we headed to Jacksonville where our first stop was West Marine. They were kind enough to charge me an arm and leg for another inverter, some diesel & water tanks and plenty of other odds and ends that I need to wrap up my projects around the boat.

After West Marine, we headed for the Dive Shop. We got a couple of new spears, two masks and underwater dive housing for my GoPro. Sweet!

Next we made a special stop at the Oriental Grocery. This is where we loaded up on all kinds of great sauces, noodles, rices and enough sushi ingredients to make roughly 800 rolls on the boat. The spears are really going to come in handy for getting all the fish to make the rolls. By the time we got done with the Oriental Grocery, we were hungry. I knew the perfect place to have lunch though… Chowder Ted’s.

 Oriental Grocery

Chowder Ted’s is an old hole-in-the-wall seafood shack with some of the best food in North Florida. It’s no secret that they have incredible seared tuna sandwiches with onion rings. Get there early if your passing through because chances are they will be sold out almost immediately of them.

 Best Thing EVER…Chowder Ted’s Blackened Tuna Sandwich

After getting back from blowing my bank account I got to work on the boat for a few hours before sunset. I placed a couple of chafe patches on the dinghy while M.E. cleaned the stove/oven and all the dive gear. I threw away a few more garbage bags, and stored some more of the gear that’s been laying out on the dock.

 Stuff from the Oriental Grocery

Obviously when you’re a cruiser and car-less, you try and take advantage of every opportunity you have to use one. Walmart anyone? Absolutely was the general consensus. The Walmart list has been getting perfected and added to continuously for weeks now. I mean at 8 pages already I could write a book: How to Shop at Walmart, My experience. Armed with two shopping carts and the last of the money, we broke through the doors of shopping paradise. I yelled over to Dolby, see you in about 4.5 hours. He just laughed it off but little did he know. We walked every aisle in the store, some of them even 5+ times. I dreamed of fishing lures and headlamps in the camping department, while M.E. dreamed of expensive shampoos and conditioners.

 Double Grocery Carts

We agreed on foods and loaded the carts until not a single other item would fit in the carts. The lady at the register gave us a weird look and M.E. just clarified that we would be leaving the country for a little while. I didn’t elaborate any further on her statement.  Dolby and Brit rolled out about a half and hour later and we all piled into our SUV/clown car for the exciting ride back to the marina. We unloaded the car and I just began cooking blackened chicken sandwiches for dinner around midnight.  I’m really worn out after this week so far.

 The car stuffed to the ceiling with everything.

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