St. Augustine, Florida

Sunday Funday, NOT!  That is unless you consider scrubbing bilges, sanding engine parts for repaint, changing transmission fluids, cleaning filters, oiling all interior wood, cleaning the head, clearing out more lockers and trying to tetris all the groceries we bought into the small amount of extra space. I wrapped up plenty of my projects list for the boat today and  M.E. ran some last minute errands around town while she still had the car for a few hours.

Paul stopped by with his girl, Lynn, and plenty of good boat toys as going away presents. A new surfboard, 2 Hawaiian slings, a pole spear and plenty of spear shafts. Talk about a killer boat donation. I am super stoked about all of his visits to the boat this upcoming year. Always a great time hanging with this kid. We all went out to A1A for dinner and drinks one last time before shoving off the dock and heading South.

M.E. and I jumped right back into boat projects after they left and worked through the night getting things put away in the boat. Only after provisioning for long term cruising do you realize how much packaging there is on everything you buy. I took out at least 3 black garbage bags full of packaging. An incredible amount of waste. We have just a few hours before sunrise and are calling it a night. Both of us are completely worn out and are looking forward to getting all these boat projects finished and taking a week vacation to New Orleans.


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