St. Augustine, FL

Today is our last full day of being able to work on the boat.  My mom and my aunt were on their way here this morning from New Orleans to bring us some goodies and come see how things are going on the boat.  We will all be driving back to New Orleans tomorrow to spend a week there seeing family and taking a break from the past week’s non-stop work. 

We hopped on cleaning the interior of the boat by trying to figure out where all these groceries are going, finishing cleaning the oven, oiling the wood, cleaning the bathroom and getting rid of more stuff. Around 3 p.m., my mom and aunt arrived and we ended up with a ton more groceries and provisions. Now time to figure out where all of this stuff is going…our storage space is almost all used up by this point and we literally have enough food to survive for a couple of years without ever going to a grocery again. So much for raising the waterline on the boat…


So Many Cans

My cousin, Justin, drove over from Savannah and we all went and had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in St. Augustine, Ned’s. This place is one of the absolute, best places to eat. It’s reasonably priced and the food is incredible. We all ordered something different and none of us were disappointed. My aunt had the fried pork chops that were topped with provolone cheese and onions, Justin had the lamb shank, I had the stuffed baked chicken, M.E. had her favorite, bang bang shrimp with veggies and my mom had the same. Sometimes it’s just nice to get off the boat and eat some awesome food that we don’t have to cook or do the dishes for.

 Ned’s Bang Bang Shrimp

After dinner, we headed back to the marina. They dropped me off and M.E. headed to the hotel with my aunt and mom to do laundry while Justin headed back to SCAD. Unfortunately the hotel only had one washer, so M.E. spent the rest of the night doing laundry and didn’t make it back to the boat until 12:30. I spent the time in between working on the boat and drinking a few cold brews with Dolby. We got laundry put away and crashed at 1 a.m. Gotta get some sleep for another long day tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “St. Augustine, FL

  1. Mike,

    It was a great organizing job by M.E. I was just the hand this and that to me person. Only problem is we forgot to write down where we put everything. Ok, so I joke. M.E. has a huge list of inventory in every nook and cranny of the boat.


  2. I believe that's M.E. plan. Since we were just cruising the East Coast the last 6 months its been simple to get fresh groceries everywhere. I have a feeling the out islands in the Bahamas are going to be a little more difficult.


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