St. Augustine, FL to New Orleans, LA

I’m really dragging this morning. M.E. stayed up till around midnight doing laundry at my mom’s hotel while I wrapped up some smaller projects around the boat last night. I slept for a few hours and was back at it again early this morning. Lucky me, I got first use of the car this morning so I hit up the bank, post office, First Mate Yacht Services and Sailor’s Exchange.

 The Last Picture From St. Augustine

M.E. and I switched out at the marina and off she went to get the last of her running around done. I finished up the interior of the boat and then took all the stuff still on deck down below to be locked up. M.E. showed back up around noon with my mom and aunt to pick me up and off we went on the long 9 hour journey home. There were 4 people in a small car, three of them being BIG TALKERS and I hadn’t slept in over a week.

We made it back and dropped my aunt off at her house around 9 p.m., then immediately headed to the nearest Popeye’s for dinner. Obviously one of my favorite places to eat. I made it through the door at my mom’s house, ate dinner and passed out on the couch immediately. I’m glad the past week of long hard work is behind me and I have a few days to relax before getting back to the boat and start heading South.


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