Mississippi to St Augustine, Fl

So things this morning started out slightly better than yesterday.  I was super ready to get back to St. Augustine so one of two things was going to happen this morning.  This truck full of stuff was either going to the dump or dropped off at the mystery location.  The latter happened and I tossed it all over the place since there still was no room to put anything.  I’m really happy now though because its out of the truck and not my responsibility anymore.  Immediately following the drop, I returned the truck to a local U-haul and hopped in the car with M.E. so she could drive me back to Florida.  I’m currently crossing over the Mobile Bay bridge typing this first part of my day and the sun is shining with a very pleasant 64 degree temperature outside.  Loving life and headed back to KoKoi to head South!

 Mobile Bay

The rest of the  drive was pretty uneventful.  A couple of stops for burgers and tacos along the way and some bathroom breaks but that was about it.  If you have ever driven across the US on I-10 you know exactly what I am talking about.  Especially Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Flat and straight for as far as the eye can see. We made it back to the boat around midnight and upon hitting the decks below we both passed out immediately.  Twelve hours of driving will really wear on you, but we are both looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow! Feels great to be back home.


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