Yeah, that place..

I woke up early this morning to get a start on updating all the blog post from the past week since I finally had some time to sit down and think.  I was really feeling good about the day.  My mom had made me an awesome breakfast of bacon and biscuits, my favorite.  She had also told me to hurry up and get everything down out of the attic that I was taking to Mississippi since my dad was coming home soon and I would have a vehicle to use.  I am really excited about getting rid of the last of my belongings. 

This is where things begin to slide off the cliff slightly.  Some people near me tend to see me as a leach, all I needed was a fin vehicle for a bit, and also as someone without a job and not going anywhere in society.  You know financial freedom, that fake sense of security that society judges you by.  No worries though since I have real financial freedom and security called no debt and happiness.  I brushed promises off and got online to book a Uhaul down the road from  my house.  My mom was on her way to book club and was kind enough to drop me off, being that I tend to try and snag free rides here and there.  I graciously accepted and hopped in the car.  Upon my arrival at Uhaul they didn’t have the truck I had reserved.  No worries, Where is the nearest place that does?  It was 5.71 miles away down a two lane highway.  I got my map from the counter and began my walking trek.  Lucky for me when I arrived 2 hours later it was all smiles and I hopped in my new ride.

In between all this I am getting reminded about how giving someone roughly $12,000 worth of goods and a lifetime of income FOR FREE is them doing me a favor.  (This is where the car goes to a halt sound comes in.)  Fin excuse me.  I blow this off as well.  I head home to load up the truck with a huge grin on my face.  God forbid I use up 6 square feet out of the 1,500 square feet of attic space my parents have at their home.  Upon my arrival my dad greets me with the biggest smile I have seen so far this year.  “Looks like I finally have my attic space back!”  My response, “Absolutely, I wouldn’t want to tie that expensive real estate up for another second.”  I have to admit that I haven’t been paying rent for my storage space there for the past six months, so I totally understand where he is coming from. Oops, my bad.  Don’t worry though I think I left enough cash laying around for him to cover it. The checks in the mail.  Ever heard that phrase before?

Moving ahead I head on over to my brothers house where he has been kind enough to store a few things for me as well.  We greet each other and its great to see my nephews once again. They are, why of course, the entire reason I come home.  The two most loving and adorable children ever.  I through the ball with my nephew and we had a great time for the few minutes I was able to spend with him. My brother helps me carry a few things downstairs and I offer to toss him a couple hundred bucks for helping me out.  He flat out declines and says no way.  This is why family and a brother are such cool people.  I really appreciate everything he has done to help me out with things.  Finally a little sunshine in my bleak day.

Moving forward now I am worn out to the bone.  I haven’t slept in over a week because of all the boat work and I am tired.  Now I get to drive 3 hours to finally wrap up the last of my projects before leaving the good ole U.S.A.  I finally arrive at my destination to find their is no where to put a full Uhaul full of stuff. (Maybe this will get figured out tomorrow.)  I’m lost, tired, and have no idea where I am going to sleep.  Oh, I am also about $400 poorer than I was this morning, but that’s just because people are doing me favors!  Now I just need to find a hotel so I can figure out where life will take me tomorrow morning. This is where I end up!  Check out that sweet late night view.  Yeah, you know it makes you so envious of my lifestyle.

I didn’t write this post to burden people with my very small amount of problems in life, and I’m sure a lot of people will give me crap about my ramblings.  Sometimes when you have no one to talk to its easiest to throw it down on paper and in today’s world this is my paper.  Its not always sunrises, sunsets, cold beers, and smooth sailing.  Well okay I guess it is about 99% of the time.  Tomorrow will be a better day. The week I was going to spend at home has been cut short, but that’s typical for me.  Hopefully I will be bed bug free and on my way back to Florida sometime tomorrow. 


6 thoughts on “Mississippi…

  1. Scott & Michelle,

    Thanks. Things are better today. Headed to St Aug. right now to get back on the boat and head South.

    Mid Life,

    Mucho Gracias on the kind words. Everyone has a different definition of success, but I am pretty happy with all that I have done. You'll be out there sooner than you realize.


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