St Augustine, FL

M.E. and I slept in late this morning after last nights driving escapade.  She cleaned up the boat and put away laundry while I took the car to do some last minute shopping around town.  I picked up a new Steaming/Deck light from West Marine and then made a quick stop at my favorite store of all time Walmart.  By the time I had arrived back at the dock she had the last of everything that was going home outside and we began loading up the car.  I feel so bad for her right now.  We did a 9+ hour ride to New Orleans, woke up drove 3 hours to Jackson, MS., woke up again the  next day for the 11 hour ride to St Augustine, then this morning she has to drive back to New Orleans by herself, sleep a few hours then back to Jackson.  This whole thing ended up being not the best idea, but its behind us now and we are both just looking forward to getting South.

Northeasterly Blowing In

Throughout the day I did some cleaning and putting some final things away.  In reality this means I cleaned up my mess from before by throwing everything into the Vberth.  Similar to how people in homes sweep it under the rug or push it under the bed.  Tom stopped by this morning to pick up the enclosure.  I had some changes I wanted made and also needed a new dodger for the front.  Its only  been a little over a year and the entire thing has fogged out completely.  I’m not to happy about this one but so be it.

Canvas Stripper

The evening was quickly approaching as I tried to wrap things up then all of a sudden M.E. calls.

Matt: Whats up?
M.E.: I’m broke down at a gas station off I-10 and my car is smoking really bad.
Matt:  What do you mean smoking?
M.E.: Just what I said, smoking.

Things just keep getting better and better for us.  She calls AAA and they come out to pick her up with a tow truck and take her to the nearest repair shop.  Something had rusted out on the bottom of her car and was causing power steering fluid to trip then smoke when landing on the hot metal.  I’m not quite sure what they did but she was back on the road and headed for New Orleans within a couple of hours.  Meanwhile I’m downtown grabbing a beer and some food when I receive another call from Michelle a friend of mine that lives at Hidden Harbor.  She is calling to inform me that some friends of mine are dragging down the river and can’t get their anchors to set.  I head back home to help them get all straightened out.   It took about two hours, three dinghies, and 5 people but we all made it happen and a huge thanks to everyone that came out and helped especially Scott and Aaron.  Its now a little past midnight and I am beat.  Time for some sleep around here.


4 thoughts on “St Augustine, FL

  1. Not a real good place for novices to anchor out here!! glad no damage was done or people hurt!Lots of current to deal with up here! S/V Curieuse


  2. did you go help the people that where just starting to learn how to sail? All of us out Cruising have to start some place. Me, You, Matt&ME and all the other people out on the water have to start someplace. I know for my self i did not just come out of the whom being captain Jack Aubrey. I had to learn how to sail a boat and part of the learning process is fucking up. and if you think you have learning it all “HANG IT UP” BECUSE YOUR A DANGER TO ALL OF US OUT ON THE WATER


  3. S/v Curiese

    I really appreciate your comments, but not your ignorance. If you never try things you will never learn. I understand you and your husband came out here knowing everything but for the majority of us we don't know squat, including me. At least they are out here trying to make it happen no matter what the conditions. We all have to learn from our mistakes. To clarify some of your husbands other ignorant comments I will reply in an open forum.

    Dan: “if I had your type of money I'd be staying in marinas like you all the time as well”

    I never replied before I blew him off and ignored his ignorance. I sense some jealousy from him. I left St. Augustine 5 months ago. This is the first time I have stayed on a dock. I left my boat for inland travel, but never have stayed in a marina.

    Dan: “what kind of boat is this if it leaks”

    My response, one that sails offshore in 8-10 foot breaking waves. Doing the icw i never had any trouble with leaks. It happens, I found them, and addressed the situation.

    Cheryl: “Mooring balls can be a false sense of security. I prefer my heavy anchors and chain up a nice little creek. Thanks”

    My response: I researched the moorings and felt that 1800 lbs of concrete that was put in 8months earlier and had sunk more than 10feet into the mud would work for me. And plus I'm no professional mariner.

    I'm out here just doing what I do enjoying my life and steering clear of all the “mayors” out there. Those people out there that enjoy telling everyone how to sail and live their lives because they are the professional. I'll be the first to admit I don't know what the hell I'm doing, but at I'm out here trying my best and enjoying it.

    Take care,

    Matt Scarpelli



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