St. Augustine, FL

The day progressed slowly but things were getting done around here.  A friend of mine, Adrian, was kind enough to give me a ride to fill up a few diesel jugs this morning.  The decks are cleared and everything is getting tied down up top.  I actually think I might make it out of here tomorrow.  Downstairs is also coming along pretty well.  All the odds and ends are slowly finding homes and the boat is becoming more seaworthy as the hours pass.  M.E. made it back to Jackson around mid day with no other issues so I’m super stoked about that going well.  Now if I could just find a volunteer to do my dishes in the sink I would be stoked.  I vacuumed all the floors and oiled the last of the interior wood. 

Tom from Irish Sail Lady was nice enough to put a rush on my enclosure.  I had them put in a new dodger panel and some chafe guards on the bimini top.  A friend of my from the marina, Flounder, stopped by for some blackened chicken sandwiches and a few beers.  It was good to catch up with he and Tom a little before heading out.  Late night Adrian and I caught up on some beer drinking and I crashed out.  I’ll definitely be out of here tomorrow morning no matter what the conditions. I’m really looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life.


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