St. Augustine to Daytona Beach, FL

Heading Out

It feels so good to be back underway again.  Anchorage life is much better than marina life.  I got up around 6AM and filled up the diesel tank with three jerry jugs.  I figured while I had the chance I would wash the deck one last time and then I was out.  It was 8AM, overcast, and I had a huge grin on my face.  The day for the most part was uneventful.  A couple of bridges and some power boats but that was about it.  People were giving me hell about leaving because of the weather etc.  Its the perfect time to head South.  Winds directly out of the North and the early AM currents in your favor.  I’ve be cruising at 6.6 knots all day and occasionally seeing 7.7 knots.  Granted I was motor sailing with the jib but its been such an easy day.

Running downwind with the tide
Love the South
First Ray of Sunshine in a Week!

I wrapped up the day anchoring in Daytona Beach.  It feels great to be away from the dock and alone back on the hook.  I miss M.E. but she will be back soon enough. I’m currently sitting here after enjoying a good sunset and a beer.  Tomorrow more North winds and some good tides.  Hoping to be cruising South fast again tomorrow!


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