Titusville, FL

Unless you enjoy windy, misty, and overcast days you didn’t miss anything today.  I got in some good motor sailing this morning.  I had a great breakfast and was once again underway.
Avocado for Breakfast!
Notice in the picture below the waves on the horizon at Ponce Inlet.  In the center of the photo those are peeling on the beach.  

Huge Offshore Waves

Around midday the sailing side of things picked up as I went through Mosquito Lagoon and Haulover Canal. I had a chance to check out the latest Americas Cup low profile racing sled (below).  Super sleek layout, low profile with little free board, and I’m assuming they keep the “wing” (mast) in storage since its so top secret.  Also check out this sweet shrimp boat.  I’m not sure of the designer, but if I had to guess it was a Floridian.  I saw 100’s of shrimp boats in NC & SC but nothing as sweet as this ride.  Shrimping in the front, and partying in the rear! My type of people.

Low Profile Racing Sled

Sweet Shrimp Boat

I made a quick stop at Titusville Municipal Marina for some fuel and Arizona Green Teas!  After that I went back out into the abyss of the ICW since visibility had dropped to less than a couple of miles.   The last bridge I needed to go through didn’t open till 5 o’clock so I sailed the entire way down about 7 miles.  I tried my hardest to slow the boat down and had just a quarter of the jib out but was still going 3.8 knots.  I’m guessing the enclosure gets some good wind-age as well.  I arrived early and motored into the wind for the last 30 minutes then went through and dropped the hook.  A really eventful I know.  In between all that excitement I listened to the Ipod and played around online.  Red Beans and Rice for dinner then I’m headed to bed.

Cool ICW Campground

Below is a photo of every man’s dream.  A sailboat with outriggers!  You’ll also notice this guy might be a frugal economist.  I’m sure he ran the numbers and figured out that a ladder would be much cheaper than installing mast steps or he is just changing out his steaming light. Who knows.


5 thoughts on “Titusville, FL

  1. Richard,

    Your right on that. I love every minute of it though. Around every corner is something new. Like I told the guy at the fuel dock in Titusville. Its good to be able to see down at least 2 feet. Finally the water is clearing up and my smile grows larger everyday. Island bound and stoked!



  2. Tom,

    I've been trying to tell you this for months. The only thing that would rock more is if you'd pull that hook and meet me in the islands. Hope to catch up one day soon. If you make it down I'll buy the first round of beers and kindly let you catch the rest for the evening!


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