Lake Worth, FL

Another great day of sailing. The weather has cleared up even more and I’m finally down to a long sleeve t-shirt and some board shorts by the afternoon. I’ve been lacking lately on the photos because I’ve been having to jibe downwind in a narrow channel all day long. When I do finally get the anchor set I just want a cold beer and some dinner. I made it all the way down to the Jupiter Inlet before dropping the sail and finally starting up the motor. Let the bridges begin!

 Not Where You Want Your Boat To Be

Cool Tree

I cruised through numerous bridges and down to the Lake Worth anchorage. It’s a decent place with plenty of room for a lot of boats, but that’s about it. Oh, I forgot all about it that it’s Thanksgiving today. I made a glazed ham for dinner with some homemade sweet potato casserole. It was incredible and after a full belly and since it’s a holiday, I had to get off the boat and go look for something to do. 

I hit up the Rum Bar down near the ICW which ended up being a great choice. They’ve got a super cool laid back tiki bar atmosphere and the bartender Lisa was super chill. It got pretty chilly out so they fired up a huge bonfire to sit around which is where I met a local treasure hunter. This pretty much wrapped up my night listening to his stories and enjoying all the Imperials he bought for me. Much appreciated for the good times everyone.

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