Lantana, FL

This morning I dragged myself out of bed to get underway and go meet M.E. in Lanata this evening. I’m super stoked to pick her up and have her back on board. I’ve missed her tons and look forward to getting over to the islands and doing some exploring with her.

I had a little wind right at the beginning of the day but that quickly died down and with all the boat traffic, I really didn’t feel like sailing through it all day. I dropped the sail, fired up the engine and motored through bridges all day. I couldn’t get the timing down on a single bridge today and ended up having to wait 15-30 minutes at every single bridge maneuvering around $20 million yachts. Who would have guessed my guidebooks that are 12 years old would be outdated. I’m beginning to think they changed the bridge schedules on quite a few of them.

 You never know what you’ll see on the ICW…

 Cruise Ship

 Cargo Containers

The wind was heavy and I was cruising with the current towards all the bridges so needless to say it was just plain out no fun. I did arrive early and had a really short day so that was a huge plus. The local bar Key Lime House had a great happy hour and courtesy of Bill, a guy that I ended up sharing stories with, I was getting hooked up with rum runners left and right.

 Big Mega-Yacht

 More Big Mega-Yachts

 Insane Sailboat Yacht
 South Florida’s Trademark: Big Houses

Around 7:30 I headed back to the boat to have dinner and catch a quick nap. M.E. landed around 10:15 and called over and over again until I finally answered. By the time the phone woke me up she had gotten off the plane and taken a 35 minute cab ride to the bar and was carrying 3 huge bags all around the bar looking for me. Lucky for me I made it there soon after she arrived, gave her big hugs and kisses and treated her to drinks and dinner! We both finally made it back to the boat around 1:30 and crashed out for the night.


2 thoughts on “Lantana, FL

  1. Great meeting you Matt!! Good luck on your travels and if you ever do get back to FL come back to Keylime and let's do another rum runner!


  2. Bill,

    Great meeting you as well. Maybe we will see you down here in the Bahamas sometime on your boat. When I make it back to Florida one of these days I will stop in for a few more drinks. Take it easy!



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