Boca Raton, FL

Kokoi Happy To Be In South Florida
I’ve set up the next few days to be really easy and short. I’m done with pushing down the ICW. Well not when I have a following wind and I’m cruising at 6.5 knots. We got underway around 8 o’clock this morning and headed to meet back up with Dolby and Brittany. We will spend a couple days relaxing here in Boca and then move further South for our hop over to the Bahamas. 
We were greeted by them with cold beers in hand around 10:30 this morning and the day just took off from there. M.E. worked on unpacking while I dove in and cleaned the entire bottom. The water here is so clear and it’s great to be able to see the anchor 10 feet down.  So to sum things up.  Its just great to be back down South in warm weather partying and getting stoked for the crossing to the Bahamas.

Sea Turtle Greeting Us
Cruising Around In Lil’ Trout
Basketball Court On The Roof Of This House

Bird Strolling Around
Great To See Palm Trees Everywhere Again
Big Corner Lot House
M.E. Happy To Be In Warm Weather

Everyone Coming In To Party In The Sun
Just Going For A Swim
Sea Turtle Spotting
Big Highrises

The Inlet
Our Neighborhood, Complete With Pilgrims and Indians
Sunset In The Anchorage

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