Boca Raton, FL

It’s Sunday Funday! Spent the first half of the day doing laundry. M.E. and I decided to escape the hot laundrymat and sit in some shade at a pizza place nearby while we waited for the laundry and I’m so happy we did. That place was a wreck. No place to sit, it was about 99 degrees in there and when I went to check on the laundry after about 30 minutes, the washer next to ours had overflowed and flooded the entire floor. Since no one was there to clean up the mess, I went about my business and found an empty rolling basket. Started to throw our clothes in there when some random guy comes up and tells me that I have to pay him to use the basket…uh ok? So I dumped everything back in the washer and moved our laundry handful by handful to the dryer to avoid the laundry bully.

No worries though, our laundry was soon ready and we spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and hanging out in the sun. M.E. made homemade chicken pot pie for dinner and it was fantastic as usual. Now to get to bed early to head South tomorrow.

 Staying Safe In The Sun With Sun Bum
 One of many boats in the anchorage this afternoon…
 Ah! The Good Life!


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