Lighthouse Point, FL

Today is the day…well almost. Our last day in the U.S. for well…ever…or at least for awhile. We pulled anchor in Boca this morning and headed towards Hillsboro Inlet. Only had to go through 3 bridges today, which was easy enough. Stopped in to fuel up and fill our water tanks one last time at a marina and then we anchored up in the bay right outside of the inlet.

 More Big Houses

While the view is nice, this isn’t the most ideal anchorage due to the boat traffic and I wasn’t too happy with our holding either. In the end, we needed to go grocery shopping but I didn’t want us dragging or running into anything, so I stayed on the boat while M.E. took Lil’ Trout and followed Brittany and Dolby in to land to make a last trip to Walmart.

 Lighthouse Point

A really nice guy named, Paul, had offered Brittany and Dolby a ride to Walmart a few days ago and we were pumped to be able to catch a ride with them too. M.E. was able to get the dinghy to Paul’s and back and navigate the store in between time. Thanks to Paul for your help today!

While they were gone, a sweet boat showed up in the anchorage and stayed around for awhile. I had time to hang out and chill for a bit before helping M.E. unload everything. Another $400 later and we should be set on food for the rest of our lives. Surprisingly enough the beer provisions aren’t even half of what they were when I went to the Bahamas for a month 2 years ago but we have to cut back somewhere right?

 Nice Boat

 Great Mysterious anchored out…

 Beer Provisioning

 Lighthouse Point
M.E. made blackened chicken fettuccine alfredo for everyone as our last U.S. dinner and we all called it an early night before our sunrise sail tomorrow. Gotta get some good rest for the big day. 
Lighthouse Point In The Evening

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