Mangrove Cay to Great Sale Cay, Bahamas

After a few hours of sleep at Mangrove Cay we moved over to Great Sale for better protection and so that Dolby could work on his engine.  Last night  when  anchoring he put the engine in reverse and  the coupler broke loose from the shaft/transmission.  Lucky for him though he was able to rebuild it all today in about just 4 hours.  The rest of our afternoon was spent reading books and blankly staring over the side looking at the bottom through crystal clear water.  Now if we could just get these conditions throughout the rest of our cruising season here that would be ideal.


Endless Horizon


Matt Loving The Blue Water


A Morning Visitor


Aqua Waters
DSC_7167Kokoi Always Happy To Be Back In The Bahamas


M.E. Reading In The Afternoon Sun


Snowflake Masks


Snowflake Masks


Sunset At Great Sale

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