Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas

Days pass by quickly when your spending them lounging around in the sun. The first half of the day was spent diving for lobster and trying to spear some fish. While we were out on the bank Dolby and Brittany sailed into the anchorage. They had a good trip here unlike the bashing that we took into the wind on our way over to Green Turtle.  Around four o’clock this afternoon everyone rendezvoused at the Bluff House for happy hour drinks and some free internet.  It’s amazing the little things like some internet and lobster every few days makes us so happy.

Happy hour drinks turned into a full blown appetizer dinner party on our boat.  Tons of great sausages, olives, beef tips, lobster bites, cheeses and the list rolls on.  We all helped in polishing off our first handle of rum by making rum punch throughout the evening. Feels like we are back in Annapolis again. We are surrounded by some great parties and wonderful people.


Catching Some Lobster!




Beautiful Day On The Water
Cool Wood House
Tranquil Turtles At Bluff House

 Bluff House Bar

 Fun Times At Bluff House

2 thoughts on “Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas

  1. You'd love it down here. Leaving today to go explore some out islands. Good diving, fishing, and plenty of all around fun. Come down for Christmas. I'll be cruising around by myself from the Dec. 13th-29th.


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