Nunjack Cay, Bahamas

Being in the water is second nature to me. I spent the greater part of my day in an underwater world. The colors of coral, fish and sea grass brighten my thoughts beyond words. Every second is a completely new adventure when you’re in the water. You can’t see too far and you have no idea what to expect when swimming along rock ledges and grass flats.

I tore the lobster up again today along with a few conch. Dolby was kind enough to get a little fishing in and treat us to some yellowtail sashimi. A pretty simple procedure of catch, filet, dip in a touch of soy sauce & sriracha and then let melt away on your tongue. If I could have caught a few nice waves on a local break the icing would have been put on the cake for me. 

The little time I have left of my days between sunrise and sunset are spent with a book on the back deck.  M.E. is enjoying the lobstering and especially the great shots she can take with her camera.  Not to mention the endless hours of laying out and reading her collection of books on board.


 Great Mysterious On The Hook


 Catch Of The Day


 Dolby and Brittany’s Catch



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