Nunjack Cay, Bahamas

 There is no better day than the day you get back underway.  I took Duff in early this morning to go work on his new dinghy engine.  Soon there after we headed out to fill our water tanks at Bluff House and get underway. Our water bill was suprisingly cheap, $7.50 for 30 gallons…a welcome surprise in my book considering that I budgeted that we would spend about $100 a month on water.

The passage to Nunjack Cay aka Manjack Cay was only 6 miles from Green Turtle, but it feels like we’re 50 miles away from everything.  Wouldn’t it be a dream if you could circumnavigate doing day passages of under 20 miles?  I’m a dreamer I know, but its just so damn easy.

Immediately after setting the hook I had the dinghy in the water and we were off exploring our new hunting grounds. I shot two nice lobster and found a beautiful fully developed Conch.  M.E. dove in today and swam from the boat to shore to explore the beach. Dolby’s famous lobster fried rice for dinner, a beautiful sunset and a calm anchorage.  I’m beginning to wonder why I worked for so many years.  It just keeps getting better every day out here.


 Nunjack Cay


Dolby Holds The Lobsters Up While Matt Looks For More


Lobsters For Dinner



 M.E. Ready To Hop In For A Swim






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