Nunjack Cay, Bahamas

It was another day of perfect weather. The winds have been SE at 10-15 and are supposed to continue this cycle for at least another four days. M.E. and I tried to make it all the way out to the main reef today but as we chugged along the seas grew larger and we turned around to hunt on the inside once again. Nunjack Rocks on the North end of the island have some spectacular spearfishing. Plenty of decent sized fish and lobster hiding all over the place. After our take of lobster for dinner we worked the grass flats in search of more conch. 

Around midday we went in to the island where there are some small tables to clean the days catch.  M.E. had gathered plenty of coconuts for me to bust open and in the meantime went searching for shells and exploring. There is a reason why I enjoy eating lobster so much. Not only are they delicious but take less than 10 seconds to clean and are ready for dinner.  Conch on the other hand are a total bitch. I cleaned 6 conch and those are the last six I will be cleaning for quite some time.

My second conch was giving me some trouble so I decided no better way then to slam it with the hammer thinking it would just crawl right out of its shell for me. I gave it a good wind up and slammed the hell out of it. In return it bounced about 3 feet off the table and came down directly on the top of my foot slicing it open. Damn you conch. 

Opening coconuts is pretty similar.   The sun began to set soon thereafter and dinner plans began making their way into my thought process.  Dolby made lobster sashimi appetizer and then really blew us all away with tempura lobster and fish. We ate it as tacos, by itself, with veggies and Bahamas Mac & cheese. I think somewhere in the mix of the conch cleaning and  dinner we threw a bottle of rum and some juices together. This always helps soothe the pain from a long day in the water. Everyone ate themselves stupid and went to bed with well overstuffed bellies. Just what the doctor ordered.












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