Crab Cay, Bahamas

We are definitely getting settled in, Bahamas style.  Honestly there is no reason to ever leave with the fish and lobster so plentiful. Mix in the great locals and their vibe and it’s pretty damn cool.

The picture below is of the Honey Hole. Unless your an avid waterman you probably won’t understand this little piece of heaven. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but that coral head is lined with about 15 sets of lobster antennas. Hence the honey hole. The place you seek out daily that no one else has yet to find. I found this spot today and when I came up to tell M.E., I was so ecstatic I could barely speak.  It was more like just a muffle of, spear and sling quick, coming through my snorkel.

The last photo of the day is for my mom and dad.  Check out that sweet new haircut.  I know your proud to know I have yet to grow a full head of dreadlocks.  The haircut was courtesy of M.E.  I was having a hard time diving because my “bangs” were always covering my mask so she was kind enough to help me out!







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