Treasure Cay, Bahamas

The dreaded whale passage as everyone likes to say.  If you wait for the right weather window its perfect.  The seas were a whopping 1 ft. with a nice gentle breeze out of the SSE.  The entrance channel into Treasure Cay is slightly tricky at low tide but we slid right in and found a great spot to anchor with complete all around protection.  The facilities here are incredible but its a real ghost town.  How they keep things up and still running blow my mind.  There were a total of 3 guest out by the pool all day today, and this place is enormous.

The afternoon was spent lounging by the pool working on our computers, having some beers, and chatting.  When sunset comes everyone begins to run home for dinner and then soon there after bed.  Matt & Lindsey were hopping in their dinghy at the dock when a Frenchy, Michelle, came by and offered up four full grocery bags full of meats.  His freezer went out and he had no way of storing anything so he just handed it all over to them.  Total Score!

There was a great mix of everything including hamburger meat, boneless chicken breast, pork chops, monster chicken legs, shrimp, and fish.  After that it was game on for dinner tonight.  We pigged out on blackened chicken sandwiches, fried chicken, grilled shrimp, and then topped it all off with a tray of brownies.  I have a feeling I will be sleeping in nice and late tomorrow.

Blue Sky and Water


Sailing To Treasure Cay


Scary Coming Into Treasure Cay At Low Tide…


Our French Neighbors Cleaning The Bottom Of Their Boat


Scott and Michelle Taking Jib Into Town








Matt Using Skype


The Treasure Cay Marina


Lindsey with our free dinner!


Excited About Blackened Chicken Sandwiches

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