Marsh Harbour, Bahamas

We both had a really long night last night.  At least I had a really long night I should say, on the couch!  Yup it was one of those kind of parties last night.  I didn’t catch a wink of sleep and before I knew it M.E. was up and ready to head off to the airport.  I took all the laundry in and was finished up with laundry and grocery shopping by 8:30 this morning.  I headed back to the boat to grab my laptops, camera, and other random accessories.  I soon found out that the charger for one of my laptops, the camera charger, and all the SD cards were gone.  Obviously in the furry of packing this morning M.E. threw a few extra things in the bag on her way out. (Don’t expect pictures for a while).  Time for a beer for this guy!  This beer turned into a few drinks, new friends, and numerous trips to different watering holes around the town.


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