Guana Cay, Bahamas

Finally out of Marsh Harbour and headed to Guana Cay for the Nippers pig roast this afternoon.  Russ, Roadie, and I all sailed out the harbor around the same time and headed to Guana Cay.  The anchorage really sucks here.  I got lucky to find some decent holding throughout the night.  Its Sunday Funday somewhere but not here for us.  All three of us are still feeling a little rough from the past few days.  We did some drinking at Nippers, dreamt of good surf off the beach, and talked spearfishing along with destination plans for the next few days.  Everyone called it an early evening which was in all of our best interest.  I found some internet in town and began the long process of catching up on everything I had neglected for the past few days.  I was in bed with a book in hand by 8:30 this evening.  It feels really good to be back on the out islands and away from the big city, fast paced, mainland side.


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