Marsh Harbour, Bahamas

I was headed to Hope Town harbor today after our fill of lobstering this morning.  I changed my mind between Hope Town and Marsh Harbour maybe 4 times before I decided to just head into Marsh.  Its never any fun hitting  a new bank at dead low tide that’s 5.5 feet and I am drawing about 6 feet currently.  Put the wind against me and arrival at sunset and I decided to call it quits.  It was in my best interest both sailing and foodie wise.  Roadie cooked up and incredible lobster curry off the dozen or so lobs we caught this morning.  I supplied the rice and soon thereafter Russ showed up to grub out for a while.  Its been a pretty chill night around here this evening.  We are all hitting the beds early and heading out in the morning in hopeful search of some possible kite boarding and spearfishing in the evening.


3 thoughts on “Marsh Harbour, Bahamas

  1. We've just caught up on your blog … wow! The Bahamas look amazing and you're making cruising sound like a dream … none of that “cruising is so hard” stuff we're always reading … LOL! We know they'll be some crappy days, but we can't wait to get out there ourselves. Glad to hear the “crossing” wasn't all that! Hope you and M.E. enjoy the holidays (if she's back in time) and have a great New Year!


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