Tahiti Beach, Bahamas

The sail this morning was just oh so perfect.  The wind was on the beam and we were cruising along at a good 6 knots across the Sea of Abaco.  Tahiti Beach is everything you would think of when it comes to paradise.  The swaying palms lining a perfect horseshoe, white sand beach.  There is also a long sand bar that comes out of the water at low tide making a huge flat off into the distance.  Its definitely seclusion central as well.  Other than a few homes on the Sound end of Elbow Cay there really isn’t much of anything else around. 

Just as I was setting the hook and getting ready to clean up the boat for the day Matt & Lindsey showed up from Hope Town in their dinghy looking to do some afternoon exploring.  We dove numerous spots around the island including Tilloo cut and also some debris we found out on the flats.  Nothing, I couldn’t believe it that I didn’t shoot a single thing for dinner.  Just being in the water though and seeing the underwater world through the lens of my mask is a good enough day for me.


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