Tahiti Beach, Bahamas

Today will be known as the calm before the storm.  I woke to the perfect conditions outside this morning with the water being completely glassed over in every direction.  Everyone was totally stoked to get out in the water and do some diving, offshore finally.  Russ and Roadie in one dink and Matt, Lindsey, and I in the other headed through Tilloo Cut early this morning to make a huge loop around the entire island.  The diving was incredible in about 25- 35 feet of water.  After drift diving for a few hours we stumbled across an old ship that had hit the reef and broken apart over the years. It must have been at least 600+ feet long and stretched out over the ocean floor for what seemed like forever.  The prop was still down on the bottom along with huge engines and a crank shaft that was every bit of 3 feet in diameter.  I really wish I would have had the GoPro to shoot some shots of this monster.  If I can get some off of someone else I will throw them up on here in the future.

Just after leaving the ship dive Matt announces that we are low on fuel.  In fact very low on fuel and will most likely not make it back to Hope Town.  It only gets better because immediately after announcing that we came across a reef that broke the surface and was every bit of a mile or more long.  I was on the bow navigating us through coral heads telling Matt more left more right while he sat in the back controlling the engine and sweating bullets.

We made it through the coral heads and out to another reef just outside the mouth of Hope Town with still a few more drops of fuel left in the tank.  We dove this area for a while trying to shoot some dinner.  I came up emtpy handed after shooting at a couple of nice grouper and one hogfish while Matt on the other hand brought home dinner for everyone with four nice snapper.  We all congregated on Russ cat for dinner and drinks and then headed home for the evening.


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